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Fit Testing for RPE Training

Fit testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).

Not all masks fit all faces! If you are supplying your workers with RPE such as half masks or filtering face-pieces (which could be disposable masks or masks with replaceable filters), you are obliged to ensure they fit each individual properly. The only way to do this is with a fit test (also known as face fit / mask testing, qualitative test, etc), carried out by a competent person. We can also advise on selecting the correct type of RPE and training in the use and care of the equipment.

Ever since the earliest ACoP for the COSHH regulations, fit testing has been a requirement. But it is only really in the last few years that this has been well known about, following the issue of HSE's OC 282/28. HSE inspectors now expect to find that all workers wearing RPE have had a fit test and that test records are readily available.

If fit tests have not been carried out, it is highly likely that a significant percentage of workers are not properly protected by their RPE. Furthermore, if workers have not been given any instruction in wearing and looking after their RPE, this percentage can be staggeringly high.

On completion of each test by our qualified and experienced personnel, a test result record is issued.

Companies often find it convenient to arrange for fit tests in conjunction with our UKATA asbestos awareness training courses. View details...

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